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OCTG Inspection
WellConnection IOS provide a full inspection and refurbishment service of new and used casing and tubulars, adhering to API or customer specifications.
The Casing and Tubular Inspection services include:

  • These can be provided either at WellConnection IOS Pipeyard or at a clients onshore or offshore facility
  • Visual thread inspection
  • Full length API drift
  • EMI inspection
  • Pipe body inspection
  • Full length laser tally

All inspection work is carried out by highly qualified and experienced staff who are capable of inspecting all sizes, weights and grades of tubulars.

Further onshore services include:

Rig return inspection:

  • Oversee the material being offloaded from the vessel
  • Take receipt of material back into the yard and check quantities against manifests
  • Unbundle material and lay out onto inspection racks
  • Carry out our returns inspection workscope
  • Return material back into storage bays ready to use on future wells
  • Quarantine any material that is deemed unfit for service
  • 100% recording of all material movements onto spreadsheets allowing easy reconciliation at the end of each well