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Offshore Inspection
WellConnection IOS provides offshore and international inspection services.
WellConnection IOS provides the following services to support offshore and international operations in the set-up and operation of remote location pipe yards.

Offshore Services

  • Travel offshore prior to material arriving
  • Oversee the unloading of material and the laying out onto pipe deck
  • Removal of thread protectors and visual inspect
  • 100% Laser tally recording overall and effective lengths
  • Painting of joint numbers and lengths onto each joint
  • Oversee the safe handling and running of the material into the well
  • Checking of makeup graphs to ensure connections are properly torqued
  • Full technical support throughout the running operations
  • Inspection of all pup joints, cross overs and sub-assemblies prior to running in hole
  • Verification of joints ran in hole and material left on deck counted and checked
  • Replacement of thread protectors prior to sending onshore
  • Oversee the slinging of material prior to sending onshore
  • Liaise with Well Supervisor and assist with their requirements
Yard set-up

  • Discuss with the base manager and assist with planning of yard set up
  • Setting up of a base to take receipt of your casing and tubing
  • Assist with the manufacturing of API spec bays to store your material in a safe manner
  • Ensuring each bay is loaded correctly and safely using wooden dunnage and chokes
Onshore "Rig Ready" preparation of material

  • 100% Visual thread inspection
  • 100% Full length drift
  • 100% Full length laser tally
  • 100% Recording of heat numbers
  • 100% Painting of lengths onto the pipe bodies as per clients instruction (Pin & Box ends most common)
  • 100% Cleaning of the storage grease
  • 100% application of Rust Veto 33X (A water inhibitor that will protect the connection for up to 6 weeks)
  • Assist in the slinging of material ready for loading onto the vessel for offshore
Portable Inspection Unit (PIU) for remote locations

10ftx10ft self contained inspection unit with all equipment required to carry out the full inspection workscope including:

Drifts for each casing/tubing size to API spec, drift tape, laser tally unit, conventional tally tape, pressure cleaner c/w hoses and fittings, toolbox c/w tools required in inspection, 2x grinders with flapper wheels and soft wheels, electricity transformer, electrical extension cables, 2 sets of Ratchets and Socket set for slings/bulldogs, rust veto 33X (For "Rig Ready" workscope above), rust veto AS (storage grease for long term storage), rig wash, rags, paint, paint brushes, thinners, paint pots, spray bottles, rope (for drifts), drip trays, Dope Brushes, API Modified running compound (if required), empty drums to hold cleaning waste, paint markers/chalk.